Asbestos Sample Analysis & Testing

Bulk asbestos sample analysis and testing may be carried out simultaneously with the asbestos survey or carried out later as a separate sampling exercise.

Often for small surveys it is convenient to take samples while surveying, while for larger buildings asbestos sampling may be carried out as a separate exercise when the building is empty. 

The sampling strategy will be based on the types of ACM present and should be representative of the whole material.

All sampling will be undertaken in accordance with CAWR 2012.

All asbestos samples will be analysed by an independent UKAS accredited laboratory.

We offer a collection service with a speedy turnaround, sample results are normally available within 24 hours, ensuring a reliable and efficient service.

What's The Next Step?

We are fully licensed asbestos contractors, which allow us to carry out any work involving asbestos. With over 20 years of experience, it makes us experts in the field. All Projects are managed in-house by our highly trained and experienced team and we are able to carry out all work involving all asbestos products and materials.

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