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Here at EnviroSafe we undertake Asbestos Surveys throughout the Midlands area.

One of the key stages to managing asbestos effectively is to identify the type, condition, location and extent of asbestos containing materials. As the “Duty to Manage” states that in order to manage asbestos; you need to know you have it.

When you book an asbestos survey with Enviro-Safe, you can be sure that our certified in-house team have everything under control. We use our years of extensive surveying experience to provide fully written reports. This ensures you understand the dynamics and accuracy of the job. We reference all our surveyed areas with photographs detailing asbestos material found or where we suspect asbestos material to be present.

We always try to conduct our asbestos surveys at your convenience in an effective and efficient manner where our aim is to accurately complete the survey with minimal disruption. We must acknowledge on certain jobs where our inspection for surveying is limited due to the potential scale of the job, we must complete a more in-depth analysis of the potential asbestos containing areas or materials. This comes in the form of a refurbishment and demolition survey or an R&D Survey. The refurbishment and demolition survey is intended to locate all the potential asbestos in the building as far as reasonably practicable.

Why choose an EnviroSafe Asbestos Survey?

  • We operate an in-house surveying team delivering a highly professional service with individuals certified to P402 standards along with extensive surveying experience.
  • Each survey issued will consist of a full written report with referenced photographs which detail asbestos material found or are suspected to be present. This ensures the ease of reading and accuracy.
  • We endeavor to conduct our surveys at your convenience in an efficient manner and with minimal disruption.
  • Over 20 years experience in Asbestos Surveys and Asbestos Removal.

Book An Asbestos Survey

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